Small Group Wednesday Night Fall Bible Study, click here!

Women’s Bible Study
The Monday Afternoon Women’s Bible Study will begin a new series on the Gospel of John this Monday at 12:30 PM at the church. All ladies are welcomed and invited to attend!

Week of Prayer – January 9-13 (7:00-8:00 p.m.)
This week we ask that you set aside time each day, and an evening or two, to pray for God’s direction in your life and for Hope Covenant in 2012.To help guide us, we will be using the devotional, Devoted, published by the Covenant. If you have any questions, please talk to Pastor Tom. Listed below are the places to meet. The time will be from 7:00-8:00 pm. (with the exception of Saturday and Sunday). Refreshments will follow.
Monday – Vicki Dayan
Tuesday – Bill & Sheryl McAfee’s
Wednesday – the church
Thursday – Tim & Ann Carlson’s
Friday – James & Katrina Dinius’
Sat. (9:00-10:00 a.m.) – the church
Sun. (9:00-10:00 a.m.) – the church

Copies of One.Life by Scott McKnight are available in the narthex. This is a great book worth reading! Cost: $11. Please make checks payable to Hope Covenant Church.

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study
Bible Study meets at 6:30 PM. Pastor Tom will be leading our discussion as we study the book of Galatians. Bring your favorite bag lunch at 6PM and enjoy fellowship before the study! Everyone is welcome to attend!

Tuesday Morning Men’s Group - All men are invited to join. The group meets at 7AM every Tuesday. The topic is "Similac to Outback."

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"Small groups" would consist of six to twelve people, at the point of a group exceeding maximum capacity (12), the group should divide in half. All small groups will be encouraged to grow numerically. This does not mean that each group has this as its goal, but that each group should function as if there is always an empty seat. The goal is to bring someone to the group who is not a part of the Hope community who needs to know Christ.1 The goal of these groups is fellowship, accountability, and growth in Christ. Furthermore, these small groups should have service as a part of their practical outworking. Each group should make an effort to get out and serve in the community routinely.

Basic Outline for a Small Group:

A Deeper connection for people
Ask people why they attend Hope. The typical answer is: The People. There is a friendliness here; we care about visitors, we care about friends who have been here for a long time. There have undoubtedly been difficult times at Hope over the past few years, and the people who have remained within the community have generally done so because of their connection with other people. Long term relationships of significance have kept people around. Small groups encourage those existing relationships to move to a deeper lever, and allow newer friends to engage in that depth as well.

Support in time of need
This is one of the most significant components of a small group. We can pray for individuals through prayer chains, personally, and during our Sunday service, but it is incredibly important to have a small group who can pray specifically and support tangibly the individuals within our congregation. The small group gives the ultimate platform for that level of care. This doesn’t mean that a congregation doesn’t care outside of the confines of a small group, but it does mean that we can be assured that there is a group of people rallying around all who need support within our community.

Accountability for growth and action. Within a small group setting, there ought to be
challenges. If there are challenges, there ought to be accountability to see those challenges realized in daily life—else what is the substance of our faith? We must be growing in knowledge, but also action. These components go hand-in-hand.

Social Service
Small groups are geared in such a way that they build community and they are flexible enough to work with individual schedules. As followers of Christ, we are called to service; the small group is the ideal platform for service. With flexibility in schedules, an individual
can easily find an output for service on a routine basis. There are some tasks, however, which require more than just a handful of people, and in those instances, individual small groups can band together with other groups to work on larger projects.

Create a deeper sense of authentic community
If a small group is conducted appropriately, it will create a close connection between the
participants (naturally, this requires a certain level of vulnerability from all group members). In broader perspective, the group closeness should spread to the wider community of believers—this means that Hope should be a closer-knit community as the result of weekly small group activities.

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